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Black Cat Studio vs WIX


When deciding on what values we wanted to put forward for BCS, one of the biggest things we want to share with out clients is how they benefit from choosing us over a service like Wix or Squarespace. These tools certainly have their place and they are built by some amazingly talented people! However, we want to take this time to layout the differences between working with us, and choosing one of these DIY tools. The most common tool we see people using is Wix, most likely because it is the cheapest of the options; because of this, we'll be using Wix in the following comparisons. Today we'll be talking about cost, but please come back for more comparisons in the future!


Wix does offer a free tier, but they don't allow you to use a custom domain, as well as place ad's and a branded footer on your site, which is not ideal for small business owners. Because of this, we'll be comparing the cost of our services versus the Wix combo plan. This plan, when billed monthly, costs $17 a month. Well add on the cost of a domain, which if you're getting the best deal will cost about $12 a year. That comes up to a grand total of $216 a year simply to be able to use the service and have a custom domain. We should also mention that this plan only comes with 3GB of storage and don't allow you to host ecommerce on your site. If you want ecommerce with Wix, that would cost just under $350 a year; that's spendy!

With our Wordpress Development process here at BCS, our hosting comes up to $10 per month through Siteground Hosting (the best hosting company around in my humble opinion), with or without ecommerce. We use Google domains for most of our domain purchasing because it allows you to easily integrate GSuite (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Ads, etc.) into your domain for only $5 a month per user. Although our Wordpress plans are the most similar to a Wix plan, most small businesses, especially those that don't need ecommerce, can benefit from our JAMstack development process (you can read more about that here). Hosting for JAMstack sites costs only $5 a month and, through a little bit of work, can connect Google domains & set up GSuite for a flat rate of $25. Although in both of these situations, you are paying for the development of your site as well (which absolutely adds to the overall cost), later on we'll talk about why this type of development process can actually benefit your small business.

So lets add up these two scenarios: one year of our Wordpress plan, with a Google Domain & Gsuite enabled would cost $157. This may not seem like a huge discount, but you're getting more features and ecommerce out of the box (remember Wix with ecommerce came out to $350/year). You can see how these services make you feel like you're saving money

Really what it comes down to is two scenarios. Working with a site builder like Wix, you're paying more because they offer a service that allows you to create what you want with endless customization that can occur at anytime. However, with Black Cat, you're still afforded endless customization, but this step takes place at the beginning of the development process and would be expensive to change later on. By completing a design on the front end of the development process, we're able to make decisions that match your business & brand. While the process of designing and building a custom site will absolutely cost more at the beginning of the project, your on going opperational costs are far lower which will save your business money year after year. Not to mention with Black Cat you're also getting 24/7 chat support and 9-5 email/phone support. We know this personalized relationship will make you glad your chose to work with Black Cat Studio on your next web project.